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Hey peoples!!!

Not much to day... but boy am I tired!

I got a lot to do this week... and a lot on my mind.


Fall break! Thank goodness. I think i might have died without it. 

(Not really.)

But yea... I guess i gotta go and get my beauty sleep...

Im typing real slow, im tired.

Its back to the drone again. *S I G H*

Hey Guys.

Today was a very different kind of day. I slept in untill 9:30, which is alot when your used to waking up at 5:30. I ate breakfast with my parents, then headed off to the meeting. At the meeting, I sat with my studies, and they both commented *yay!* After that, my family and i went to Houlihans with the Etayo's and the Beland parents. Then I went to Eileen's house- thats who my studies are living with. Dennis, Eileens husband, has a couple studies, and one of them is Jimmy, and he came over and was playing his guitar (he's pretty good). Yea, I would have rather just hung out with the girls, I guess. Idk. We had fun, though, and thats good... nothing really bad happened. Lol i kept calling May May-may, and she was having a fit. And i drew a dress and Angela thought it were little bacteria... and im like NOOO... hehe but you gotta love 'em... we always have fun. So yea its going to be interesting thursday. Real interesting.
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What is up home fries??

Lol, you can automatically tell that I am bored. Right now, i am chilling with the parents.... watching tv... well really, only my mom is watching tv. But yea. So... I feel as if i really dont post enough, but once i get the time, i realize that i really have nothing to say.

Love you guys!!!

~Alissa Marie~

Another day in Crooms Yearbook class.....

Our groups name is "the copy cats." yea... i know.

So yesterday was a horrible day, and Im hoping that this one will be better.

but yea... we will all survive... somehow.

this class is so boring!!! There are a lot of annoying people in here.... i dont want to say their names because when they get mad theyre ugly. Literally.

there is nothing else to write....

So yea.... im listeneing to some japanese music. yep, good old japan.

One is:
Morning Musume Sakuragumi - Hare Ame nochi Suki
And the other one is:
Tamaki Nami - MY WAY and GET WILD

Pretty good music. But then again, i like almost everything. Except bluegrass. I just cant listen to it.
playa 2

Voy chillin', tranquilo~That's right

what it do?

This week was kind of wierd... maybe it just went by fast. Not complaining, though, i really enjoyed the weekend. Friday i had my study with Angela and May. Then Saturday I went to a roofing assignment and a jewelry party. then today i went to the assembly with eileen, angela and mae. Truely, staying busy keeps faithful ones out of trouble! lol cos you know its very easy to get yourself into trouble... satans always putting roadblocks! well nothing too terribly signifigant happened this week... i like my life boring!

At the assembly, i saw a whole bunch of people....

from our congregation i saw keleigh and andy and debra and shannon and kim and kims roomate didi
then i saw the thompson family and sister card and the perrymans
and then i saw christian and christopher and deaven and destiny and shannon and april and shawn and ezra
and i saw cynthia and cheggy and chris and maria (i know a lot of chris')
and i saw karen and keith and his brother (who finally grew into his face)
and i saw a cute brother who suddenly lost his tounge ;p
and i saw the beland parents
and yea thats about it! lol for going to another district convention, i do know a lot of people

Wow.... do you guys still remember me??

WOW it has been such a long time since i have been on here... the last time i was on livejournal, it was at the end of the school year... i have so got to update more.

Guess what.... Ive got a study!!! Im so excited... Eileen and Dennis live really close to me, and they have two girls living with them for a little while, Angela and Mae. They are the nicest people you would ever want to meet... very playful (we are ALWAYS laughing). they are from china (can you believe it?) they were born here. So thats something new.

Um, lets see. School has started back up... hehe its kind of our fourth week starting monday!!! lol.

Lauren called me today, wanting to know when my dads surgery is... hehe ill have to call her tommorow to tell her that my dad is NOT having surgery... actually its my uncle. hes getting half of his leg amputated... interesting, i know. and that means he wont be living with us anymore. bummer. but, i get a bigger room, if thats any consolation...

Is anyone else (changing the subject) as excited as I am for the new release we have for... September? I am!!! I cant wait untill I have time to read it... i figured id give it to my old biology teacher since we were always talking about the monkey scope trial and evolution... they havent gone into it yet but maybe he'll read it!! My friend Carl did the presentation on stage, and he did very well. hes a natural!!! lol wow

Well... everyone comment!! Id be interested in seeing how everyone has been for these two months ive been mia. Ive missed you all!!!

~love, alissa marie

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wow, its funny, the last time i was on here i wrote this uber long post, but then i lost it!! lol but then when i came back... well here it is! so... umm with is my post from like a week ago (lol)

So............. Yesenia has been bugging out. And I mean the girl is seriously testing everyone but Michael... but hes a guy so he doesnt understand quite like the girls do. Shes buggin! She calls me everyday... and I mean i have my own life... seperate from her... and it bothers me that she tries to take some of us and isolate us from everybody else. and i tried to talk to her about it at the meeting thursday, but she totally disregarded everything i said. she wasnt even listening, i could tell. and then... arg! she always tries to be in control. and im not a follower. so... i wanted to make plans saturday for the movies and she was already inviting some of the same people on friday... so i moved to friday with her. and then we decided that we would go at 7:20 because that would be convinient to me and friday was convinient to her. and then she moves the time to wat she wanted! and as if that didnt aggravate me enough, she says sheel call me in twenty minutes. she calls me enough, and then wants to try to call me when im on the phone with alysha five minutes later. ahh!!! and then she wants me to drive michael to the movies. she invites michael everywhere and she talks to him almost everyday and the one weekend she cant hang out with him shes trying desperately to get him to hang with her. i swear, the girl has lost it. shes in denile with the fact that she like loves the kid, and has these problems that she thinks no one sees. or, maybe she doesnt think that she even has them!! so im trying to get her to understand that my dad doesnt feel too well and that i highly doubt that he'll take him... and she doesnt understand. that, of course, makes me even more upset because when it comes to something IMPORTANT that we;re talking about, she NEVER understands. and i just dont get it!!! how can someone be so dumb???? ugh. well... we all are imperfect and la de da da so thats where im gonna leave it. its nice to get it off my chest.... lol

I am 72% grown-up!

[x] I actually act my age (yah I act like a 17 yr old girl!!!!)
[x] I know how to make a pot of coffee (I work at Tim Hortons...duh)
[x] I do my own laundry
[x] I can cook for myself
[ ] I do my chores after being told once
Total - 4

[ ] I clean the house for no reason
[ ] I always do my homework/work
[x] I actually enjoy intellectual conversations
[ ] I think politics are exciting!
[x] My parents and grand-parents have better things to say than my peers
Total - 2

[x] I show up for school/work everyday unless I'm sick..really sick
[x] I always carry a pen in my pocket/purse
[x] I've never gotten a ticket...
[ ] I watch talk shows and point out the incredibility of it all
[x] I know what incredibility means with out looking it up
Total - 4

[ ] I drink black coffee
[x] I know how to run the dish washer ..or do the dishes
[ ] I don't get caught when I do bad things
[x] I shave
[x] I can count in more than one language
Total - 3

[x] When I say I'm going to do something, I do it
[ ] I mow the lawn
[x] I wash my car...or I would if I had one
[x] I can be witty and make adults laugh..with out being stupid
[ ] I remember to water my plants
Total - 3

[x] I study when I have to
[x] I pay attention at school/work
[x] I rememeber to feed my pets
[ ] I'm generally organized
[x] I know the meaning of cruel punishment from experience
Total - 4

[x]I can spell experience without looking at the line above
[x] I clean up my own messes
[ ] The first thing I do when I wake up is get coffee
[x] I can go to the store with out getting something I don't need
[x] I understand jokes the first time they are said
Total - 4

[x] I listen to my parents/elders
[x] I understand the fact that the world always screws someone over
[x] I enjoy bathing...or showering
[x] I can type fast, because I type every day
[x] My choice in clothing is acceptable in an office or something like that
Total - 5

[x] I can watch politics and laugh because I understand what is going on
[x] I have realized that the weather forecast changes every hour
[x] I can look at someone hot and not think of sex
[x] I have realized that no one will take you seriously unless you are over the age of 25 and have a job
Total - 4

[x] I can read a book and actually finish it
[x] People have said that I act older than I am
[x] I can be sent on an errand and not get sidetracked..
Total - 3

Now.. add up all of your x's and multiply 2! Then repost this saying "I am _% grown-up"